August 2023:

Rites of Tara "To the Otherworld of Silver" mCD
-Mid-paced and entrancing Gaelic metal from the shores of New Scotland.

Intolerance "Hail the Triumvirate!" mCD
-Plodding and martial heathen black metal from Canada. Initially published on cassette in 2015, remixed for CD.

Telos "Intransigence" mCD
-Esoteric gothic Grindcore. Initially published on cassette in 2019. Remastered.

Naught "Night Eternal" mCD
-Nocturnal black metal in the spirit of early Scandinavian masters. Initially recorded on 8-tracks tape in 2010 and published on cassette in 2013. Remastered.

June 2023:

Nécropole "Yoga" LP (Northern Heritage)
-Traditional Black Metal.