July 2024:

Résilience compilation CD
"A Contre-Temps"

-From its inception twelve years ago, Résilience has remained a standard rather than a record label. Its initial purpose was to discard the yoke of compromise and cultivate independence, to forge the stern and sharp steel the current zeitgeist was incapable of producing. The illusory notions dispelled, individuation took over, promoting the discipline to a praxis, to instil anew - at our humble level - the sacred into the profane.

If we may sometimes emerge from the darkness to provide our light, we proceed with the Work in the shadows as we have always, with neither haste nor faltering. The Art grants us the use of whichever tools at our disposal, that we may remain untouched and unbound within the World, but not of it, as a beacon amidst the tumult, as a primeval fire burning of its own volition.

Initiated in 2017, the Idea behind the present collection is a statement of intent, an act of creation. To gather old - and new - brethren, who unsurprisingly happen to be some of the most consistent and gifted artists shining amidst the crepuscular mire; clearing and opening their respective paths, which may sporadically meet. These few pilgrims tread the sword's edge against Time, to indeed forge the new world under the Eternal Law.

Nine wanderers walking against Time under the polar standard.
Nine paths slashing across the flesh of Illusion, to the ends of the World.
Nine volitive acts given in oblation to the Numen.

The medium is Black Metal, the substance is the Act itself.

And so it is done.

(With: Caverne, Gunfanun, Blood Red Fog, Clandestine Blaze, Nu Is Alles Anders, Nécropole, Svolder, Azanul and Pagan Hellfire.
All songs are exclusive and written for this compilation, and not to be reissued.)